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While online classes are all the rage with students who don't live near a school that offers coursework in the field they are interested in, the majority of students are still mainly enrolling in campus-based courses with just a couple of web-based classes being thrown in, often during Summer break.

Seattle, WA ( March 18, 2013 -- A new website that can help students who are interested in pursuing a degree and a career in the criminal justice field is now open to the public. is a new website which discusses career and education opportunities in the broad fields of criminal justice and law enforcement. Website visitors can learn about the types of degrees and classes offered at different schools around the USA. Read more:

Three of the biggest public college networks are in New York State, California and Maryland. If you're interested, check out Maryland school options.

Considering going to school for a culinary arts career?

See it at Youtube

San Diego university students have plenty of education options in the extreme southwest section of California.


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