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It's hard for most graduating high school seniors to know exactly what they want to do in the area of work for the rest of their lives. The best most of them can do is to simply select a good college, start taking classes, take a look at different subjects and select one that seems to fit their interests and personality.

Most people change professions during their lifetime. Freshmen and Sophomores don't have to know what their life's passion is yet. They just need to make some good choices and take the next steps.

And while there are countless career areas, here is a sampling of four careers that you may look into:

Mechanical Engineering
Registered Nurse
Personal Chef

( -- May 28, 2013) Sacramento, CA -- A new website designed to help California residents and other interested individuals find information about business schools, colleges, and other education options in the field of business is now open.

This website is called, and the site's editor, Victoria Burns, said, "This new website is designed primarily for graduating high school seniors who are interested in a business major, but don't really know exactly which field of business they want to go into." Read more:

See at Youtube

Do you want to become a professional chef? There are some great opportunities in this area. Read more.

Are you thinking about going to school for a healthcare career? Read about it.


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