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Before you can enroll at a college, you need to complete your high school diploma or earn your GED. If you needed to leave high school before you completed your degree, you will need to take the steps to complete it now.

You can either earn your GED by passing the GED exam, or you can complete the classes that you need to at your local community college. A third option is you may be able to finish your remaining courses through an online option. Many states are starting to offer this. Learn more.

Seattle, WA ( May 28, 2013 -- A new education and career guide that helps out students interested in a career in business is now available online.

The website is designed to provide information about university business degrees, college majors, classes and potential careers available to students who graduate with a business degree. Read more:

See at Youtube

The healthcare field has several great features going for it. Jobs are plentiful, starting pay is good, and there are a variety of different career options.

Chef training schools in Illinois -- Read at

Vocational or trade schools can be a terrific option for many young students -- Read at

Thinking about going to school for a cooking career?

Browse through colleges in Georgia, or browse through universities in Kansas City and Missouri.


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