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While Pennsylvania offers a really wide assortment of private universities, big public state colleges, faith-influenced colleges, community colleges, specialty schools such as music, art, drama and culinary schools, and vocational training schools, not every prospective student can find the exact program that is right for their situation.

For some students who have issues with family or work responsibilities or who live in an area not served by a college, online classes may be the answer. Online coursework allows a student to take college-level courses without having to commute to a campus. For some students, an online program is the only option they have. Find out the details behind online schools.

( -- June 25, 2013) Seattle, WA -- Trade Schools Online has chosen the field of landscaping as their vocation to spotlight for month of June. is a website that helps interested individuals find information on community colleges, trade schools and other vocational training programs. Read more:

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Would you be interested in going to school for a business degree?

Maybe you don't want to spend four years at college. Earn a vocational diploma instead -- read more about it.

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