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A good portion of undergrads will one day be attending graduate or professional school. Psychology, Sociology and Business majors often go on to graduate school.

And still a good section of students are planning on applying for law school or medical school. Read more about nursing careers.

Seattle, WA ( July 19, 2013 -- A new website that helps interested individuals find out information about cooking schools is now online. Online Culinary Class is a new website devoted to teaching and training new chefs into culinary artists.

The website provides information on various online classes for anyone who has the desire to become a professional chef. Students can enroll in classes including baking, restaurant cooking, private household cooking and even head chef training. Read more:

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Considering going to school in Colorado? Read more about it
Or how about Wisconsin? Milwaukee? Madison?

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Don't be in student debt for 15-20 years. Get it taken care of faster. Read more.


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