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The Big Ten Schools attract their fair share of students.

The Big Ten Schools are typically large schools, especially the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin-Madison, and most of them are fairly affordable (the outlier being Northwestern). Students can take part in all four seasons of weather and campus life suits most of the students well.

The hospitality management field is always looking for good new talent. Most students opt for a four-year degree. Learn more about it.

Minneapolis, MN ( June 24, 2013 -- Bay Area Cooking School is proud to announce its launch. This new informational site gives readers details about various culinary art schools and classes in the San Francisco Bay area.

Whether it is someone just looking to find a place to take one cooking class to sharpen their existing skills or someone looking to pursue a complete degree program in the culinary arts, Bay Area Cooking School is a website that can provide some answers to their questions. Read more:

See at Youtube

Thinking about going to school in Indiana? Learn more

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