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While most local students will end up attending one of the many colleges or schools here in Texas, some students will enroll elsewhere.

Two of the main reasons students attend school out of state are educational options and the desire to get away from home and live in a dorm far away from where you grew up. Not every student has a good college in their town — they have to move to where the college is. And if they're going to move anyway, why not move somewhere different?

How about Florida? Sounds pretty nice. Learn more about Florida culinary classes and cooking careers - Culinary career training in Miami.

Seattle, WA ( June 17, 2013 -- A brand new website to help students interested in a graphic design career is now open online.

Online Graphic Arts Schools is a new website dedicated to helping users learn more about the study of graphic design at the college level.

The website allows high school graduates interested in pursuing a graphic design degree to explore classes in design, printing technique, web design, computer aided drawing and studio art.

The website's manager, Susan Turner, says that enrolling at a graphic arts school is a great way for students to showcase their abilities and start a career. Read more:

See at Youtube

Are you considering going to school for a cooking career? Read about it.

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