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If you really like the big city features of Houston, but you are interested in going to college somewhere else — you could try Chicago. Chicago has a school of every type and for every potential student.

If you want the big city life similar to Houston, Chicago might just work for you. You'll get to experience Chicago winters, take in a Cubs game and head to the Lake Michigan shore on the first really warm day in May. There are online options as well.

Or maybe Philadelphia is a better option for you. Lots of terrific options there.

Denver, CO ( July 25, 2013 -- A brand new website for current or potential Denver, Colorado students is now online.

Schools of Denver has a website that provides visitors the opportunity to learn more about education for anyone living in the Denver, Colorado area or who wants to attend college or school in the area.

The website provides solutions for students who want to learn more about enrolling in a school in the greater Denver area. The website's manager, Susan Turner, thinks the site is a great option for any student who is still undecided about which schools to apply to. Read more:

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