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One of the strongest fields to get into as your college major is in the area of computer science. While the entire realm of information technology is a good career choice, computer science majors are still finding solid job possibilities upon graduation.

A degree in computer science opens up the graduate to a wide assortment of potential career paths. Now, computer science is not for the person who doesn't like computers, is scared of computer code or never really understood math. This is an academic path that is suited for just the right type of student.

Columbia, SC ( July 30, 2013 -- There is a new website that helps prospective students in the South Carolina area choose the right college or other school to enroll at. is a new website offering information on local campuses and online classes available to South Carolina students.

The website's manager, Susan Turner, believes online schooling is an excellent option for an independent student. "Online classes give the same amount of credit as traditional classes at a university," she said, "But they allow students to move ahead at their own pace." Read more:

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Are you thinking about going to graduate business school? Learn more here

Where are you thinking about attending school? Ohio has plenty of good options in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and more.

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