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Business has been one of the most popular college majors during the last few decades. One of the reasons for this is the many different areas of business available to college students.

Business majors can concentrate in areas such as marketing, sales, advertising, information systems, management, accounting, human resources management, administration or finance. Human resources is one area that is gaining popularity as companies and organizations realize the importance of hiring just the best employees. Read more about business school options.

So, where are you gonna go to college? Atlanta has some pretty good options.

Cleveland, OH ( July 31, 2013 -- A new education resource designed to help Ohio students interested in attending a university or other school in Cleveland has opened its virtual doors.

Schools in Cleveland is a new online tool that help students in Ohio find colleges and schools that are right for their situation. The website showcases a wide range of schools in Ohio that students can choose from.

The website's manager, James Running, says the website can help many students make up their mind about which college or school to enroll at. Read more:

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Would you be interested in going to school in Portland? Visit

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